While there might have been some doubt a month or so ago, there isn’t anymore: Jan Vertonghen will be leaving Tottenham when his contract expires at the end of June.

The Belgian defender has made it clear he would like to try something new, and reports his agents have been looking at avenues down in Italy and Spain only emphasise his desire for ending his spell with Spurs.

When he does, it’ll be the end of an era, one that lasted eight years, but it will also force the Premier League club to replace him, which won’t be that simple.

Vertonghen was a big part of Spurs’ recent growth as a club, and whoever comes in to replace him will need to be both young and already capable to step in when needed.

That man, according to Gazzetta dello Sport, could be Hellas Verona’s Marash Kumbulla, whom Tottenham are said to have turned to to replace the Belgium international.

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They explain ‘embassies’ from both Everton and Tottenham have arrived in Verona over the last few weeks, but we all know they won’t have done so in person, since travelling isn’t exactly a wise thing to do these days.

What we guess this means is Spurs have reached out to the Serie A side to find out a bit more about Kumbulla’s availability.

Gazzetta explain it would take around €30m to convince Verona, but whoever does make an attempt will have to also fend off Inter, who are also very interested and looking for a long-term partner for both Alessandro Bastoni and Milan Škriniar in Milan.

Going from Verona to Antonio Conte’s side would be the next logical step before trying his hand at foreign football, so it will be up to Tottenham or whoever else in the Premier League is keen to convince him otherwise.