Juan Foyth won’t be forgotten at Estudiantes so soon. The 19-year-old joined Tottenham Hotspur this summer, and is still frequently mentioned in stories and interviews regarding the La Plata side.

The player managed to be the club’s biggest sale ever, even after less than 10 official matches for the Pinchas. That’s certainly a lot for a youngster, although his former teammates trust that he has enough potential to succeed with Tottenham.

Estudiantes defender Jonathan Schunke, who actually holds the starting spot which Foyth used to fight for, spoke to local newspaper El Dia this weekend about several topics.

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Regarding Foyth’s move to the Premier League, Schunke said: “His move to England makes me happy, both for him and his future as a footballer, as for the club.”

He also talked about Foyth’s lack of experience: “Although he didn’t play many official matches, he is a player with a very good individual technique, besides being very young.”

Foyth is still to make his debut for Tottenham, as he hasn’t even made it to the bench yet. The contract he’s signed runs until 2022, and Mauricio Pochettino convinced the youngster Spurs was the right choice, over options including PSG, and that he’d get chances at Tottenham.