Even though Hector Herrera’s contract with Porto is expiring at the end of the season, which makes him a free agent, he’s not sure of where will he move in the summer.

That’s why the Portuguese media was caught by surprise when Lyon’s president tweeted at the weekend saying the midfielder has an agreement with the French club.

Newspaper A Bola covered the news on Monday, saying there are other clubs in the race, and recalled recent rumours which linked Herrera to Tottenham Hotspur. Spurs were presented as competition for Lyon.

Now A Bola finally managed to speak to some sources, and claims that Jean Michel Aulas was just having some crazy moment on social media.

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A Bola says that according to people close to Herrera, the player has no agreement with Lyon and doesn’t even dream of moving to the French club.

The player’s future is said to be pretty open, as even a renewal with Porto isn’t ruled out for now.

However, Herrera is completely focused on finishing the season with the Dragons, and only then will sign for a new club.

So maybe Tottenham still have a chance to land the Mexican international.