Paul Pogba caused a mini-storm this week when he said at a France press conference that Real Madrid is a dream for all players and even more so with Zinedine Zidane as manager.

It was seen as almost a come-and-get-me plea, but the Manchester United player had been asked directly and his answer wasn’t so controversial. He could, of course, have said something rather more bland and is experienced enough to know how his words will be used, he could have also been pretty much silent on the whole thing and refused to answer.

However, that would have likely created waves too… as Danish coverage of Tottenham’s Christian Eriksen shows.

During the international break, Eriksen has been dodging questions about his future. With only another season left on his Tottenham contract, and a renewal not appearing imminent, there’s obviously doubt around him.

Whilst the Danish media enjoy to talk up Barcelona and Real Madrid interest beyond what the Spanish media say, it’s certain there’d be interest should he decide to leave Spurs.

Ekstra Bladet go with a headline saying ‘Eriksen’s silence reveals everything’.

They say he could ‘stop all speculation’ by saying something like: “We are in dialogue with Tottenham about an extension. In addition, I have no comments.”

Now, whilst that may have been more what Tottenham fans would like to hear, to say it would stop all speculation, especially in Denmark, is something of a stretch.

The level it’s got to, if Eriksen was seen eating tapas it’d be used in Denmark as a reason to talk up a La Liga transfer.

Last week the same newspaper made the effort to quiz his national teammates and manager about Real Madrid, without a great deal coming from Spain to back that up.

Regardless, Ekstra Bladet now say that Eriksen being vague about his future makes it ‘obvious’ that he’s ‘about to close the door’ on his Spurs career.