As come-and-get-me-pleas go, Christian Eriksen’s effort on Wednesday was pretty clear.

The Tottenham player has one year left on his contract and spoke to Ekstra Bladet about his future, and specifically Real Madrid interest.

“I feel that I am a place in my career where I might want to try something new,” Eriksen explained. “I have the craziest and deepest respect for everything that has happened in Tottenham, it won’t be negative. But I have also said that I would like to try something new. I hope there will be a clarification during the summer. That’s the plan. In football you don’t know when a clarification comes. It can happen anytime.”

Whilst he didn’t rule out a new contract, and insisted everything depends on Daniel Levy, the Champions League finalist wasn’t shy when it came to speaking about the La Liga giants: “It’s a step up. But it requires Real Madrid to call Tottenham and say they want Christian. And they have not done so yet, as far as I know.”

Over in Spain, Eriksen has been sharing a see-saw with Paul Pogba in recent weeks. As claims about Madrid’s interest in one of the pair rises, it falls for the other.

The Spurs player’s words will certainly help his case, and Spanish newspaper AS make clear that’s exactly the intention… and that Zinedine Zidane’s side will have asked for it: ‘In any major operation, Los Blancos asks the stars to make a public gesture to bring the signing and pressure.’

It’s stated that along with Eden Hazard, Eriksen has done what Madrid ‘asked them’, and the Tottenham player is said to be ‘impatient’.

He’s aware of the Pogba situation, and won’t wait forever.

The Dane’s agent is ‘pressing’ for the move, and AS believe Eriksen has put his standing with Spurs fans in danger, so now it’s for Real Madrid to keep their side of the bargain.