Tottenham Hotspur star Lucas Moura found himself in a big political discussion on Monday afternoon.

Interacting to his Twitter followers, the Brazilian winger announced his support for presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro, who’s a very controversial figure in the country.

Fans realised that Moura had been liking tweets related to the candidate, and when asked about it, the player has shown his reasons to trust the project.

Bolsonaro won a legion of fans in the country for an authoritarian stance against corruption and civil crimes. He bases his project on pro-gun speeches and on the nostalgia for the military dictatorship in Brazil, always recalling his time as a army member and paying homage to torturers who called themselves ‘anti-communists’.

The big problem is that the candidate has several quotes in which he shows his homophobia, racism and sexism. That’s why he generates so much antipathy from those who do not agree with his polictical and social ideas.

So even though voters typically don’t like most of the candidates and do it peacefully, things get to a new level with Bolsonaro and his far-right thinking.

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In his tweets, the Tottenham player defended the police militarisation (even though the Brazilian police is military since the 19th century) and said he had “no opinion yet” about gun ownership for civilians.

He also said that Bolsonaro is ‘not racist’ and does not support the violence, even after the candidate has said last week that would like to ‘shoot’ one of the opposition.

Jair Bolsonaro is currently hospitalised in a severe condition after being stabbed while campaigning on Friday. According to the last polls, he’s the frontrunner to win the elections in October, even though the rejection for his candidacy may harm his chances in the second round.