The World Cup appearing on the horizon is a big distraction for many footballers, and some parts of the build up will provide a welcome break from the day to day struggles of club football.

Whilst the general perception of Tottenham remains a positive one, a rough period for Mauricio Pochettino’s side means Spurs players are among those seeing World Cup business a fresh alternative.

Hugo Lloris is captain of France and was, naturally, asked his opinions on Friday’s World Cup draw. The Tottenham goalkeeper made no secret of it all being a nice change, and told L’Equipe: “The draw is always an exciting time. This is a breath of fresh air, already, compared to what we live at our clubs: this time, we can look forward until June. Everything becomes concrete.”

Denmark have been drawn in France’s group, and that led to a further question about Tottenham teammate Christian Eriksen and whether he can carry a team: “He showed it in the play-off, with his hat-trick in Ireland, and had already assumed his status as leader throughout the qualifying phase, for example against Poland. He has a huge influence, in an emerging team, which gives off a lot of solidity. He brings his talent to the set pieces, and it is he, too, who organises the game. I have always considered him a great player. Since we play together, I see him step up one time after the other.”

Tottenham could do with Eriksen carrying them at the moment, never mind Denmark.

There’s surely at least a little concern for Pochettino that the pressure on Eriksen in his country and the build-up to the World Cup could prove a distraction as the season goes on, especially if Spurs’ own campaign continues in its current blip.