Even if a lot of their efforts seem futile, you cannot help but admire Inter Milan’s ambitions in the upcoming transfer market.

From trying to convince either Antonio Conte and Mauricio Pochettino to take their vacant managerial post to attempting to sign some of the biggest names in football despite likely finishing outside European spots, the Serie A side are trying to go big.

One of the rumours that circulated a while back was their interest in both Toby Alderweireld and Kyle Walker, two important parts of Tottenham’s squad, and the belief from certain parts of the Italian media it could happen.

With the latter of the two more expected to go to Manchester City in the coming months, you’d think Inter Milan would have given up, but that isn’t the case.

Tuttosport on Wednesday explained the Serie A side are planning on using Tottenham’s alleged interest in one of their players, Ivan Perisic, to their advantage, and try and get a deal done for either or both of the Spurs stars.

Piero Ausilio, the club’s director of football, is currently on a little Eurotrip that will take him to both Paris and London to meet with clubs keen on the 28-year-old Croatia international’s services, and see if he can get a deal done.

Since the rumours first emerged, we found it very hard to believe that either Tottenham player would be interested in the move, and that opinion hasn’t changed.

Much like Pochettino, why would they want to leave a stable and successful project for what is currently the eighth best team in Italy?