Sad news came from Belgium on Thursday when it was announced that Jan Vertonghen had suffered an ankle injury and would miss the rest of Euro 2016. The defender is very important both for club and country, and the blow will be felt personally too.

Vertonghen and Belgium had a decent chance of getting to the final of Euro 2016, and once there anything can happen. The one consolation for Vertonghen is that he’s played his part so far and hasn’t missed the tournament completely.

The earliest reports coming from Belgium aren’t good news for Tottenham Hotspur either. A prolonged absence looks likely, ruling Vertonghen out until towards the end of the year.

Belgium’s RTBF explained: ‘The Red Devils’ number 5, who cannot apply pressure on his foot and is walking with crutches, has damaged his ankle ligaments and will be unavailable for 4 months.’