Lucas Moura’s controversy in Brazil continues. His support for presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro didn’t go down very well with many football fans, and the Tottenham Hotspur player has probably been attracting more attention than he wanted to.

Website UOL brings a very interesting story about the matter today. Reporter Caio Carrieri writes that since the player showed his political stance, Tottenham have been trying to shield the player from the media.

Or at least from those who could continue the story in Brazil.

It starts that UOL made a request to Proud Lilywhites, the club’s LGBT supporters group, for an interview. Their president Chris Paouros accepted the invitation at first, but it’s claimed that after telling Spurs about it, she declined it and stopped answering Carrieri.

The reporter contacted the club, and he claims they replied saying: ‘There are no comments on our part’. Carrieri also learned that Tottenham became worried about the controversy and decided to shield Moura.

If true it’s understandable from Spurs. Bolsonaro has been accused of homophobia, so it’s clear where the interview could have gone.

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Carrieri contacted several sources from the UK to talk about the subject. The most interesting interview comes from Ellis Cashmore, a sociologist and professor at the Aston University.

“What intrigues me is Lucas, a black man, supporting someone accused of racist behaviour. It’s very naive Lucas’s statement that the Bolsonaro would be arrested if he was a racist, because we are far from having all racists behind bars,” Cashmore told UOL.

“If the English society have actual knowledge that Lucas publicly supported a candidate who has also been accused of anti-Semitism, it will be an embarrassment to the club, of strong Jewish traditions. If this story gains greater proportions in England, I believe there will be a negative reaction from the fans.”

UOL also tried contact Lucas Moura, but his staff said he won’t talk about the subject. To read their full story, click here.

This is a big story in Brazil given the upcoming elections and how tense the political situation is.