Andre Gomes to Tottenham Hotspur hasn’t really taken off in Spain. There’s been quite a few references to it, but all crediting English sources for the information, without adding anything of their own.

Now AS turn up with their own slant, and state Tottenham have been in talks for the player since last week. Those initial talks resulted in nothing, because Barcelona wanted Spurs to agree to a matches clause.

The idea would be that Gomes moves to Tottenham on loan, and Spurs have to pay a fine if he doesn’t play in enough matches.

Tottenham and Barcelona seem to have then shelved things, and Jorge Mendes tried to push the player to clubs around Europe. AS, however, say Tottenham are the only ones to have shown interest.

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Now things are potentially back on.

Again, Barcelona want the same clause, and it’s stated that, with Mauricio Pochettino really keen to sign the player, Tottenham have now agreed.

It would certainly be unusual for Tottenham to agree to such a clause, but when Gerard Deulofeu originally moved to Everton on loan in 2013, a similar arrangement was reported.