Harry Winks has seen his playing time at Tottenham Hotspur drastically reduce this season.

The 25-year-old has been restricted to only nine league appearances, out of which only three came in this calendar year.

Valencia showed interest in taking the midfielder on a loan deal in the last window, but Spurs weren’t interested in doing a deal.

Sport claims there are a ‘small group’ of players who dream of playing for Barcelona and Real Madrid.

This group was drawn towards the Spanish league at a young age, watching Barcelona battle Real Madrid, when they were managed by Pep Guardiola and José Mourinho respectively.

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Sport states: ‘Some [players] are trying, although their agents are put off by the low purchasing power of ours [La Liga clubs]’.

Winks then gets a mention and it’s again stated he failed to move to La Liga in the winter market. The newspaper then adds Mourinho’s man ‘will insist’ on joining a top Spanish team in the summer.

Apart from the Spurs player, his club teammate, Harry Kane, David Alaba and Erling Haaland are used as examples of those players interested in moving to Spain.

Unfortunately, the Spanish sides ‘do not have money’ and hence, Sport thinks ‘it will be necessary [for La Liga clubs] to appeal to the emotion to seduce them’.