Spanish newspaper AS have an interesting slant on the Pau Lopez to Tottenham Hotspur saga. As Espanyol are expecting another offer from Tottenham, and allegedly changing their asking price to suit, AS had a quick look at what would happen if the transfer goes ahead.

It’s claimed Dutch goalkeeper Michel Vorm could be off to Glasgow and Celtic if Pau gets his move. The Spanish 21 year old is hardly likely to move to Spurs as third choice, and that naturally places doubt over the future of Vorm.

With Hugo Lloris injured, Vorm came in and did well against Everton and it must be considered unlikely Spurs would sell Vorm if the French goalkeeper is out for a while.

If Lloris recovers quickly from his hamstring, and Tottenham finally get a deal done for Pau, then AS believe Celtic want to try and sign Vorm. A lot of IFs, right?!

The Scottish Premier League club have just signed 35 year old Dorus de Vries, and already have 33 year old Craig Gordan, quite why they’d want 32 year old Vorm is a mystery only known to AS.