We knew it!

On Tuesday we published an article which began with ‘Christian Eriksen opened a can of worms with his Barcelona comments, published in Denmark on Monday‘, and those worms are spreading.

The Tottenham player has unwittingly given fuel to the Catalan media, and in turn further fuel to the Danish media, to run with a transfer story that never was.

Wednesday’s edition of Mundo Deportivo pretty much accuses Eriksen of sending a come and get me plea to Barcelona. The Catalan press believe every skilful player wants to represent Barca, and even though it’s been more the Danish media pushing it, and Eriksen simply answering questions, he’s given enough encouragement.

Mundo Deportivo say Eriksen didn’t hesitate to talk up a possible move to Barcelona, which is perhaps a little unfair on the Tottenham star. It’s also claimed he’s ‘opened the exit door wide’ with his comments.

Eriksen ‘wanted to step forward’ and show his availability to Barcelona, believe the Catalan newspaper.

Anyway, Marco Verratti and Jean Seri are said to be ahead of Eriksen on the list. Tottenham fans with a vague interest in European football may notice something in that trio, Verratti and Seri are nothing like Eriksen.

This has all come from the comments Eriksen made to the Danish media, with some in Spain feeling obliged to then carry it on. Perhaps the Tottenham player may think twice before speaking in future, unless he quite enjoys the attention.