Claims from Spain and France on Paul Pogba potentially moving to Real Madrid have become so numerous that we’ve started packaging them all up in The Daily Paul Pogba, and today one of the themes was Christian Eriksen.

The Tottenham player is appearing more and more in Spanish stories about Pogba, seen as an alternative. There’s a few reasons for the growing interest in the Spurs player.

Rumours around Madrid and Pogba are going through a negative stage, and therefore an alternative is needed. Right now, that’s Eriksen.

Marca reported earlier today that there’s worry about how the Manchester United player would fit in Madrid’s team, and it’s thought Eriksen is more ‘orthodox’ and easier to slot into a team.

Then there’s the difficulty and cost of a transfer, including wages. Whilst it’s accepted in Madrid that getting anyone away from Tottenham is a nightmare, that Eriksen only has a year left of contract is softening that stance a little.

On Thursday evening, El Confidencial published an article on all of this.

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Whilst Zinedine Zidane is keen on Pogba, Madrid president Florentino Perez ‘doesn’t fall in love’ with the idea, especially if it costs something like €150m. So Eriksen is another option.

El Confidencial believe Pogba disappointed against Barcelona, which isn’t exactly the perfect way of pleasing Perez. In the same week, Eriksen was on the winning side against Manchester City and got an assist.

It’s still thought signing the Tottenham player would be a ‘costly operation’, but with the ‘ease’ of one year left on contract.

Marca, AS and El Confidencial are all edging Eriksen forward today.