At the end of the last week, ESPN Brasil aired an interview with Tottenham Hotspur striker Carlos Vinícius.

We covered those quotes at the time, with the player recalling the time he nearly gave up on his career, and also sending praise to manager José Mourinho.

Now ESPN Brasil have released a few new bits from the chat he had with reporter Natali Gedra, and there’s some more interesting lines said by the Spurs star.

“My goal here is simple, the faster I adapt, the more success I will have on the pitch,” Carlos Vinícius told ESPN Brasil.

“Here we have not only Kane, but several good strikers, top ones. Whatever it is, five, three or 90 minutes, my goal is to take those minutes that I’ll have, enjoy, work and prove that value to myself. That I’m in a position to be here.”

Speaking more on José Mourinho, he talked about how important it is that the manager has a good relationship with the squad.

“He’s from the locker room, as we usually say. He knows what the player needs, the player needs that connection with the coach. The closer the coach is to the player, the more successful the team will be in the game.”

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As he was able to give his first interview in English following his hat-trick in the FA Cup, he claims he’ll continue having classes with Lucas Moura, his personal teacher.

“In three classes I had with him, I already gave an interview in English. Let’s see how it goes, I am believing in his potential as an English teacher.”

Finally when asked about a striker who he inspires him, Carlos Vinícius chose not to go for a European star, and picked a centre-forward who he was used to watching in Brazil.

“Thank goodness, we in Brazil have a lot of top players. I really like to follow Ricardo Oliveira. The way he’s aggressive, a finisher… and then off the pitch is what draws my attention to the person he is. What he built within football. As a person as a pastor, as a family leader.

“Because for me that’s the most important thing. It’s the flag that I carry inside football. Be different. Be positive. Show people that football is not just money, it’s not just fame, it’s not just big cars, big lives.”