In January Tottenham’s Christian Eriksen really put his neck on the line with complaints about Denmark’s national set-up not being professional enough. The public reaction could have gone either way, especially with the team, and often Eriksen, being disappointing in recent years.

However, the weight of the Tottenham star’s comments, and given what he said made sense, saw opinion fall on his side and it was clear Denmark needed to get their act together to progress as a football national.

On away trips, and to a certain extent at home, Denmark would find themselves with a general hotel buffet, with little thought given to the nutrition needs of top level footballers. The support for fitness wasn’t at the highest level, and that led to some players calling their own people in for massages and injury treatment.

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 10.31.58Eriksen, accustomed to the best standards at Tottenham, summed up his stance with: “In general, I miss a more professional approach to things when we are together in the national team camp.”

Denmark have listened and for the next international break, Ekstra Bladet reports there’ll be a change. Better food with a squad chef, and a larger number of experienced staff to assist players.

Eriksen has got his way and it should benefit Denmark.