Tuttosport are completely and utterly obsessed with Juventus transfers.

Any possible deal is looked into repeatedly by the Turin newspaper, but it must be said that Christian Eriksen isn’t exactly one of the players covered most.

That’s likely more to do with how hard a transfer would be than how highly or not the player is rated.

Eriksen is on the front page of Tuttosport on Sunday, joined by Aaron Ramsey, Paul Pogba and Adrien Rabiot.

The Manchester United player has been linked constantly for months, and with Rabiot and Ramsey having contracts ending in June they’ve both become favoured options.

Juve love a freebie or a discounted transfer fee.

On the Spurs player, the reasoning to now include him as a possible ‘solution’ is a contract ending in June 2020. It’s claimed the Denmark international has ‘already expressed discontent’ with Tottenham and that makes a renewal less likely.

Given the whole idea is a January transfer for one of the players named, it’s wishful thinking in the extreme for Tuttosport to believe Eriksen would be available for a reasonable fee.