The Premier League is back, and so is ESPN Brasil with their interviews ahead of the weekend’s action.

Today, they feature a chat with Lucas Moura, as Tottenham Hotspur prepare to face Everton in their opening fixture on Sunday.

The Brazilian talked about his hopes and expectations for Spurs this year, and said he’s very excited about what’s to come.

“The expectation is very good because of the last season when we disappointed,” Lucas Moura told ESPN Brasil.

“We came from the Champions League final, we gained a greater respect and we had a season below expectations. We lost many players in the key moments.

“This season we’ll play in the Europa League. The arrival of Mourinho raises the level of the club, visibility, he won titles wherever he went and is crazy to win here.”

Lucas was also quizzed about the wish to win a title for the club.

“A team that reaches a Champions League final and, with the investment and structure it has, must dream of a trophy. We know the difficulty of the Premier League, but we have at least four competitions to be able to achieve this goal. This is a mentality that Mourinho is trying to put us in. We can expect a lot of good things this season.”

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Lucas Moura talked about his relationship with manager José Mourinho, claiming the Special One has been different from all the other coaches he’s had in European football.

“We have a very nice relationship. The daily life with him is very pleasant. Since I arrived in Europe, I’ve never had a confidence like the one he’s giving me. A coach like him, winner, one of the greatest in the history of football, giving me incredible morale is a huge privilege.”

Regarding the position he’ll be playing in the upcoming season, Lucas Moura says he’s happy to be a centre forward when Mourinho needs him.

“A position that I’ve learned to play since I arrived at Tottenham. I’ve done that function in some matches. There’s no problem for me. The most important thing is to play, no matter the position, do everything for the club and the coach. Mourinho is giving me impressive morale. It’s an honour to be able to play in any position for the team.”

The player also told a story about how he distributed Brazilian food among Tottenham players during the pandemic break, and helped a chef in the process.

“We met this Brazilian who makes some salgados here and we ordered one day. It’s really very good. Then my wife Larissa got the idea: everyone at home, boredom. Let’s make this surprise for the players.

“At the same time, we helped the Brazilian. We sent them to everyone’s home. It was successful, they liked it a lot. There was a salgado of pepperoni with cheese and a coconut candy. Brazilian candy is never a mistake, right?”