While Tottenham are focusing on improving the first-team squad this summer, they have not forgotten what their success has been built on in recent years.

Spurs have made a point of signing young talent that can be developed and nurtured under Mauricio Pochettino and they intend to keep doing that, regardless of Daniel Levy opening the chequebook.

South America has been somewhere they’ve looked in recent years, such as with the capture of Juan Foyth, and it seems it’s still a shopping ground for them.

La Cuarta report that Tottenham have their eye on Colo Colo youngster Ivan Morales and have already seen a bid rejected for the striker. They say the information has come from sources at the Chilean club.

According to the newspaper, the 19-year-old made a positive impression on Tottenham’s scouts at a recent event in Toulon, who immediately told those higher up to get on the case.

That’s exactly what they did, with Spurs sending emissaries to Colo-Colo to make a bid and try to sign the youngster up. They made a ‘final offer’ of $3m  and wanted 100% of the ownership rights.

That was swiftly rejected by Colo Colo, who were seeking $5m if they were to sell Morales outright. Tottenham turned that down as they considered it too much to pay.

Colo-Colo offered Tottenham the chance to own 60% of the player for the $3m they wanted to pay but again Spurs said no and the ‘formula did not convince either party’.

Premier League clubs can’t just hold a percentage of a player, due to third party ownership rules, so it would be a sell-on percentage. Either way, the parties need to start talking again for this one to move.