Earlier today, we covered claims from the Spanish press which said Tottenham Hotspur had formulated an offer for Gareth Bale to return to White Hart Lane.

As reported by AS, the Spurs planned to have the Welsh star on a loan deal, and would only pay a part of his wages, leaving Real Madrid to cover the rest.

The big reason why Tottenham would make such offer is because Zinedine Zidane wouldn’t be a big Bale fan, and the London side would take advantage of the situation.

The offer was called ‘ingenious’ by AS, for obvious reasons, but it’s fair to say others in Spain have taken a very different slant.

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If you take a look at the local press, all the outlets think it’s cheeky to say the least. El Español calls it a ‘surreal offer’, while Defesa Central says it’s ‘shameful’, and El Desmarque labels it ‘ridiculous’.

With the local press reacting like that, we can imagine Real Madrid’s response to the bid.

That is, if the offer or idea of it ever actually existed.