With doors in Italy closing left, right and centre, the chances of Napoli striker Arkadiusz Milik moving to the Premier League with Tottenham have risen exponentially.

Reports over the last week and a half have named them as potential suitors for the Polish forward, who Napoli are keen to get rid of if they can.

A report today indicated that the player’s agent had travelled to London to meet with Spurs at some point today to discuss a deal.

The indication was that a move was something that could very much happen and both and SportItalia, courtesy of Area Napoli, follow that line.

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According to SportItalia’s editorial staff, Milik’s agents held a conference call with Tottenham once a potential move to Roma was off the table.

That call was said to have left Napoli chief Aurelio De Laurentiis ‘furious’ but has opened a path to the Premier League for the striker, which was set to be ‘deepened’ by their planned meeting this morning. back this up but say that the meeting planned for this morning has been cancelled and instead the trip planned by his representatives has been postponed until tomorrow.

That’s all that either can offer; a meeting is set to take place at some point, and the move is undoubtedly being entertained by all parties.

Of course, there are plenty of hurdles to overcome before a deal is done, but the intent is seemingly there, and Tottenham may be homing in on the back up for Harry Kane that they’ve long needed.