One of the key members of Mauricio Pochettino’s squad, Mousa Dembélé only has one year left on his contract at Wembley, and Tottenham have a decision to make.

Do they offer him a new deal, or do they part ways in the summer, with Juventus said to be interested by what he could bring to their team?

This is what DH in Belgium look into on Wednesday, and, as things stand, both club and player are on different pages.

As he told the very same newspaper back in February, Dembélé is currently very happy at Tottenham, but a contract renewal hasn’t been discussed, mostly because he just wants to focus on the current season and evaluate how his body is at the end of the campaign.

Going through, by DH’s reckoning, 50 injuries over the past seven years, it’s understandable for him to ensure he’s still able to play at the highest level before committing his future somewhere, whether it be at Wembley or somewhere else.

The problem here is that Tottenham have, over the past few months, already started planning next season, and they’d really like to know what Dembélé’s plans are.

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As things stand, they have no idea how to approach the matter, because they know that getting him to sign a new contract would mean increased wages, especially at a point in the player’s career where he could end up wanting one last big paycheque before retiring.

Already on €80-90k/week by DH’s estimation, a new deal would probably see him hit the €120k/week bracket, one where only a few select members of the current team are, like Harry Kane and Hugo Lloris.

This is where Tottenham are a bit skeptical and are umming and ahing about what to do.

Wanting to play in the World Cup before discussing anything concerning his club career, Dembélé knows that a good international tournament will only help his case.

Considering how much Mauricio Pochettino loves the Belgium international, it would be a real surprise to see him go elsewhere in the summer, but, as is often said, no player is bigger than the club.

Although, Dembélé really doesn’t seem like the type of person who would think he is.