Sport have a big feature on the future of Gareth Bale in their Friday edition, and with Sport being a Catalan newspaper it’s not exactly kind.

Bale has been a failure since his arrival from Tottenham, so the claims go, and is now very much for sale. The Premier League is his likely destination and along with a Spurs return, Manchester City, Manchester United and Chelsea are all said to be in the battle.

Tottenham and Manchester City aren’t really linked so much with Bale, but if there’s going to a big battle described then Sport probably thought they were worth dragging in.

Bale is slammed for not integrating into Real Madrid. The Wales international doesn’t really socialise with his teammates and is something of a loner. He comes into work and goes home, there’s no real blood, sweat and tears, as far as the Catalan newspaper see it.

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The 28 year old ‘prefers to play golf than watch football’ and doesn’t keep up to date with what’s going on at Madrid’s rivals.

Sport says ‘bidding starts’ and they believe the initial figure will be €100m. An ‘affordable amount’ for English clubs.

It’s seems unlikely either Tottenham or Manchester City would part with such a figure for Bale, and Real Madrid will struggle to get their money back.