Signed by West Ham after a very prolific season for Marseille under Marcelo Bielsa, Dimitri Payet has surprised the world with the level of his performances in England and for France.

By far one of the best players in the Premier League last season and continuing his form during this summer’s Euros, the former Lille star has a lot to thank the aforementioned Argentinean manager for.

Helping him find much needed consistency, the now Lazio manager even discussed the player with one of his most talented pupils, a certain Mauricio Pochettino.

Speaking to L’Equipe on Friday, the current Tottenham manager and former Paris Saint-Germain defender revealed what the enigmatic man told him.

He said: “I know (Payet) since his Saint-Etienne days. I then spoke about him a lot with Bielsa when they were both at Marseille. We did that a lot. He would tell me he was a super talent. Each manager’s objective is to help players progress in all areas.

“That’s what Marcelo did with Payet. He made him better, but firstly he’s a player who’s responsible for his own progress. Today, he’s found the good environment to settle. He’s only been in England for a year, but you’d think he’s been there forever.”

Considering all these chats he had with his mentor about the French playmaker, it makes you wonder why Pochettino never made a move for him when West Ham expressed an interest.

Then again, when you already have the likes of Christian Eriksen and Erik Lamela at the club, it’s probably understandable.