Most of the people who follow the rumour mill know about the existence of Spanish TV show Chiringuito de Jugones. Regardless of true or not, they like trying to break the big Real Madrid news every week.

But they’ve just been fed with something small but interesting from Tottenham Hotspur manager Mauricio Pochettino, who’s one of the coaches who could replace Zinedine Zidane at the Santiago Bernabeu side.

Arriving at The Best FIFA awards, Pochettino was asked about the Real Madrid job, and replied saying ‘some year’.

That’s the literal translation, the English equivalent would be something like ‘one day’.

Of course the Spurs boss didn’t say he’s thinking of moving to Spain now, but that’s still enough for the rumour to gain a lot of strength in the Spanish media.

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Only Chiringuito’s account on Twitter has posted the Tottenham manager’s quote for now, but we would be surprised not to see travel further in the Spanish media, depending what else happens tonight.

And we can only expect the rumour to grow, especially if Zidane continues to struggle in charge of Real Madrid. Jose Mourinho has been the man most linked over the past week, now perhaps Poch can edge his way back in.