Tottenham Hotspur target Alessandro Buongiorno is expected to soon make a choice about his future, and Turin newspaper Tuttosport today shares a story about that situation.

The outlet highlights that the defender is wanted by several clubs. Just in Italy, the likes of Inter Milan, Napoli, Juventus and AC Milan are all keen on his signing.

There’s competition from the Premier League, though, with Tottenham and Chelsea having already moved for him, according to the report. Their ‘spending power’ is highlighted by the story.

Money is indeed an important factor, because Torino are said to be demanding €40m for his departure, and there’s no guarantee that Serie A clubs would want to spend that much.

Buongiorno is expected to think about his future after the end of the season, as they have a final game against Atalanta on Sunday. There’s a small chance he could even stay at Torino, and that will be discussed soon, despite how unlikely that is becoming.

The player was recently quoted saying the Premier League ‘appeals‘ to him, and with Tottenham said to be ‘convinced‘ to go for his signing, the reports have continued.

There was one report a couple of weeks ago which said Tottenham had given up on this track, but there hasn’t been anything to back that up.