On Sunday evening we covered Argentine disagreement on whether Juan Foyth to Tottenham is closer than it’s ever been or getting colder.

The latter option came from El Dia, who were the first with the story in the beginning, and who have been following the situation. That they’re willing to row back from previous claims a deal was closing in, and explain why, probably makes them a reliable source on this.

El Dia have a fresh report, and it’s stated that Juan Sebastián Verón has returned from Europe, having travelled there to close the Foyth to Tottenham deal, ‘without confirmation’ of a transfer and ‘with some distance’ between Estudiantes and Spurs.

The atmosphere of rushing has now stopped, and Estudiantes are keen to listen to other European offers for Foyth.

It all sounds very much like Tottenham interest hasn’t been strong enough to make an actual offer, or the offer actually made isn’t close to what Estudiantes were hoping and expecting.

Verón played with Mauricio Pochettino for Argentina, but that old relationship isn’t going to get Estudiantes very far when it comes to getting a good transfer fee out of Tottenham.