Catalan newspaper Sport have once again touched upon the Pau Lopez to Tottenham situation. In their Wednesday edition, Sport explain that Joan Jordan is the Espanyol loan player with the best chance of returning to the club, although even that isn’t certain.

Jordan, a midfielder, is currently on loan with Valladolid and, depending on various circumstances, he could be returning to his parent club. That’s not the case for Pau, with his move to Tottenham seen as pretty much done.

Earlier this month it was reported in Spain that Tottenham could get their own way on a lower price for Pau, at least partially. Spurs have a clause to buy Pau for €7m and Espanyol were insistent they wouldn’t come down from that.

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 09.42.03Claims of Tottenham wanting to pay just €3m have been followed by reports Espanyol could be ready to accept €5m for the player.

The Spanish media expect Pau Lopez to be Mauricio Pochettino’s second choice next season, behind Hugo Lloris. In that even it would seem likely Michel Vorm leaves the club.