Tottenham Hotspur’s Kevin Wimmer played for Serbia on Sunday night and found himself up against Dusan Tadic, with the Southampton man in great form for his national team.

Austria’s Laola have a look at the situation and title their article: ‘Wimmer explains the Tadic-Problem’

With one goal and two assists, Tadic was absolutely crucial for Serbia as they beat Austria 3-2. The Southampton player has either assisted or scored all of his country’s past 8 goals, which is quite some record.

The Tottenham defender explained: “He has again shown that you need to be on him with two men, and it’s best if you always double up, because if he gets a bit too much space, it is always extremely dangerous.

“Unfortunately, he has also been like a God against us. He is certainly the dynamic figure in the Serbian attack.”

Wimmer started the game again for Austria and was unlucky to come up against a rival in such good form. Tadic now needs to transfer that purple patch to Southampton and Wimmer may be happy to then be on the bench when Tottenham next face them.