On Tuesday morning, Italy’s Tuttomercatoweb published an exclusive claiming Tottenham were holding a meeting with the entourage of Guilherme Arana. The Brazilian fullback currently plays for Corinthians, and Tottenham are said to be interested in signing him.

On Tuesday evening, the same Italian website published another exclusive, saying the meeting had taken place in the afternoon and had gone well. The positive chat led to Tottenham making it clear they are willing to ‘carry on negotiations’ to sign the 19 year old.

There’s now said to be ‘good feelings’ between the two camps, but the meeting didn’t get to the stage where figures were discussed, or a length of contract for the player if he did sign for them.

Of course, all that would depend on a work permit, whatever happens, and Spurs would probably want to make sure there was a chance of getting the paperwork before going too deeply into any kind of talks.

There certainly seems to be something going on, but whether it’s direct talks from Tottenham, or someone claiming to be acting in their interests, remains to be seen.

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