Lucas Moura seems to be pretty happy with Antonio Conte’s first months in charge of Tottenham Hotspur.

Speaking to ESPN Brasil, the Spurs forward was quizzed about the Italian boss, and only had good things to say about the tactical changes that he’s been doing in the team.

“What caught my attention the most is the way he sees football,” Lucas Moura told ESPN Brasil.

“He’s a guy who is very detail oriented. So he works very tactically. Practically every day, we do tactical work, moving. So we know very well what to do on the field. The movement we have to make. The passing options, which he wants the player who has the ball to have. He says that, the player who has the ball must have at least three options to choose from. And then we decide what to do.”

“So that draws a lot of attention. We work a lot tactically. So many times we already know that the player, our teammate, will be in a certain part of the pitch and we already pass without even looking. So this is very interesting, it’s been working well.”

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Lucas also talked about the individual change he had since Conte’s arrival.

He explained that playing more centrally is his preference now, and the manager has been helping him with that. Since the manager took charge, the Brazilian has three goals and three assists.

“In my positioning, my way of playing, he’s given me a lot of freedom. He likes me to come and get the game, for me to be more central, not so much on the wing, where I played for a long time during my career, very open from the wing. This ends up limiting my moves a little bit. I like to go more into the middle now, to create plays, to seek the ball, to set up. He’s given me that freedom, that confidence, and it’s come out really well.”

In that same interview, Lucas Moura was also asked about the summer rumours about Harry Kane.

The player claimed that both he and his teammates got worried about the situation, as even he believed that the striker would leave the club.

The Brazilian, as usual, also praised towards José Mourinho, claiming they still have a ‘friendship’ despite his departure from Spurs.