There’s every chance more will be made of it on Wednesday, but so far the Valencia media haven’t seemed too concerned about claims Tottenham are keen on Geoffrey Kondogbia.

Sky Sports reported on Tuesday morning that Tottenham are scouting the player, on loan at Valencia from Inter Milan, as a possible replacement for Mousa Dembele.

There’s an impressive amount of Spanish media dedicated to Valencia CF, and if the danger of losing Kondogbia was taken seriously, the claims would have been taken up within minutes.

Valencia are having a good season, but the club’s local media are scarred by recent poor years, false hope, and bad fortune, so are very prone to a ‘Oh no, the bad news is coming’ article.

So far, no panic.

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Plaza Deportiva do cover the Tottenham claims, and state that not only has club big cheese Mateu Alemany secured a €25m purchase option with Inter, he’s also just negotiated this can be paid over four instalments.

That all sounds like a great deal for the 24 year old, one Daniel Levy would be proud of. €25m split into four makes the payments, if going with the player’s contract, just over €6m a season. In fact, it sounds so Levy-like, Spurs may want to check the transfer tough man isn’t moonlighting.

Shining their apple, Plaza Deportiva then point out they revealed all that just a few days ago, with the unspoken message being: Tough luck Tottenham.

Kondogbia is said to have reached a four year agreement with Valencia, and be completely focused on the Spanish club, ignoring any rumours about his future.

It’s all very confident. Tottenham’s hopes are dismissed, but it’ll be interesting to see if the Valencia media keep up the same ‘no worries’ stance should the rumours continue.