Aston Villa owner Tony Xia loves a bit of social media. It’s clear the attention is something Xia quite likes, and he’s encouraged it over the course of his time in charge of Villa.

It’s one thing promising fans the future is bright when an owner has just taken over, but it’s a little more difficult when Aston Villa are just above the Championship relegation zone and already on the second manager of the owner’s reign.

Steve Bruce seems a much better fit than Roberto Di Matteo was ever going to be, but he’ll have to work with the same squad at least until the winter transfer window.

Xia’s Villa reign isn’t going as swimmingly as he, and fans, wanted or expected, but the owner can’t be as hands on as maybe he wants to be

This weekend on Twitter, Xia explained that previously when he’s taken over failing companies, he was able to run them himself, but it’s a little different with football.

And just in case you weren’t sure he meant the manager…

Bruce has everything he needs to be successful at Aston Villa, and get the club back to where they belong. But if he isn’t, maybe Xia will be tempted to see if he can sort it out himself.