Liverpool don’t seem to scout around Europe quite as much as some others, such as the Manchester clubs and Arsenal, tend to do.

Or at least they’re not on the official lists as often, perhaps preferring to send their spies incognito.

Belgian newspaper HLN reports that tonight the club will have someone watch AA Gent against Standard Liege.

Manchester United are also sending an official, and they get the headline, but it’s more unusual to see Liverpool there, with Jose Mourinho’s club often having someone at Belgian matches.

HLN say it’s time for players who ‘dream’ of a big transfer to ‘pay attention’.

The chance could be pivotal in getting a big transfer and it’s one not to be missed, especially with the end of the season now on the horizon.

There’s no indication of who either club will be watching on Sunday evening, but there’s obviously some talent on show as more than 20 sides from around Europe will be there.