Brazilian outlet Globo Esporte today shares a special story with Matheos Ferreira, who has just signed his first professional contract with Newcastle United.

The youngster is still 15, but agreed today to a deal with the Magpies, committing his long-term future to the Premier League club.

Matheos, the son of a jiu-jitsu fighter, had been following his father’s footsteps. However, he ended up making a decision to switch to football.

“My mum said: ‘You want to be a footballer, you’ll have to dedicate yourself’. I was a bit scared to talk to my father, but he said yes.”

Globo Esporte highlights the fact that with Newcastle making huge investments in signings lately, it becomes harder for youngsters at the club to make their way to the first team.

Matheos, however, is aware of the challenge. He already reached the bench for U-19’s squad, and is now looking forward to the time he’ll be with the professionals.

“You have to be patient, because the time will come. It’s how much you want it, how much you’re willing to wait and sacrifice. The opportunity will come. You just have to keep training, wait for the right moment and seize the opportunity when it arrives.”

The youngster is now being watched by England’s national team, already taking part in the U-15 squad. He doesn’t believe that being the son of Brazilians will stop him from joining them, as he actually thinks that could help him get a place in the squad.

“I don’t think it’s a problem. I think they even feel privileged to have a Brazilian in their team.”

The Brazilian media simply refer to Matheos Ferreira as Theo, so we’ll see if that catches on.