Hamburger Morgenpost love anything Pierre-Michel Lasogga related, especially if they can talk it up or down to appear negative or somewhat dodgy.

The German striker’s recent absence from Leeds United squads has provided plenty of opportunity for suggestions of things being wrong, and Mopo have been right there leading it.

Originally, back in mid November, Mopo suggested Lasogga had actually been dropped at Leeds, rather than him being out due to illness or injury.  Then the player’s situation was described as a ‘riddle’, with the clear insinuation being something wasn’t right. Hamburg fans were led to believe Lasogga was being edged out of Leeds United already, and responded with the inevitable non-surprise. 

Now Mopo seem to be stirring it again, with the Hamburg newspaper saying Lasogga will have been fit enough to be in the Leeds squad against Norwich City, but wasn’t picked.

Manager Thomas Christiansen ‘dispensed’ with the player, not needing him for the match. It all follows the same theme… Hamburger Morgenposten believe there’s more to it.