The feeling that Frank de Boer’s days as Crystal Palace manager are numbered is one shared in the Netherlands.

Having lost his opening four Premier League games, without seeing a goal scored by Palace, De Boer’s reign at Selhurst Park is increasingly shaky.

With a difficult run of Premier League games coming the stars are aligning in entirely the wrong way for De Boer, even after a better performance against Burnley. Despite all their efforts Crystal Palace weren’t able to return from an individual error, and the club continues to be in crisis mode.

Ronald de Boer, speaking to Fox Sports NL (via Voetbal Primeur), didn’t try to hide away from the pressure his brother is under, and didn’t attempt to argue against rumours he’s set to be fired.

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Rather than saying rumours are simply rumours and essentially mean little, Ronald explained: “It seems like there’s rumours… You never know of course, but you hear the rumours. The newspapers write that he had to win otherwise he was gone. Where there’s smoke…”

And then, pushing the point home: “I feel he could be shorter at Crystal Palace than at Inter.”

De Boer lasted less than 3 months as Inter Milan manager, he was appointed at Crystal Palace on June 26th.