After Sunday’s goal against Arsenal, Manchester City striker Gabriel Jesus has joined the list of top Brazilian goalscorers in the Premier League.

In a story published by UOL, they show the 20-year-old is the one with the best ratio, as he currently has 14 goals in only 20 games.

His current goals amount tie him with Fernandinho, Geovanni, Robinho and Elano, all with 14. UOL’s idea was to make a top 10, but there are actually 12 players on the list as five of them have the same numbers.

Then there are two Premier League winners: Gilberto Silva and Ramires, both with 17.

The top five brings William with 19, Oscar with 21, Roberto Firmino with 24, Juninho with 29, and finally Philippe Coutinho with 36.

So considering only attackers, it’s no wonder why Manchester City’s popularity in Brazil has grown so much in the past couple of years.

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Speaking to UOL, Gabriel Jesus spoke about joining group: “I’m happy for the numbers, but not satisfied, I don’t want to stop here. More than scoring goals, I want to continue helping the team in other ways, because when the collective part is well done, the individual appears naturally. I hope it stays that way.”

In case the Manchester City striker keeps this form, it doesn’t look like a matter of if he’ll get to the top of this list or not. It’s just when.