Earlier today, we covered the first reports from Brazil claiming Arsenal are interested in Atletico Mineiro youngster Savio.

It was claimed that the Gunners were discussing the possibility of making a bid for the 17-year-old, while Red Bull Bragantino seemed to have moved first and already placed their offer.

Now it turns out Itatiaia went chasing after this story, and had a brief chat with Savio’s entourage regarding his future. They say they had the interest of both clubs confirmed.

First quizzed about the interest from Arsenal and Red Bull Bragantino, agent Juliano Rodrigues tried not to make a lot of noise about it, but confirmed the chase.

“There’s just nothing official at the moment; just speculation. But there’s interest,” Juliano Rodrigues told Itatiaia.

Savio only made 21 appearances for Atletico Mineiro in 2021, mostly because the club currently have a very strong squad which won the Brazilian league and cup titles. Now the youngster is hoping to play more this year, and his wish is made clear by his agent.

“We think Savio needs to play. It’s no use staying at Galo without playing. He turns 18 this year, and we understand that Galo wants to win titles today, but we have to think about the athlete’s career, we are very grateful to the club, but Savio needs to play.”

With the representative making clear the pressure on Atletico, the interest from other clubs comes out at a very convenient time to seek a way out of the club, or get promised more minutes this year.

Meanwhile, speaking to O Tempo, Galo director Rodrigo Caetano claimed no offers were made to the club.

“Nothing so far, but it’s natural for clubs abroad to follow youngsters from Brazil’s youth national team, they do that with everyone. They certainly do with Savinho. But there’s nothing so far.”