Over the weekend, Arsenal were once again linked with a move for Luis Enrique.

With Unai Emery under increasing pressure at the Premier League club, and with fans turning against the manager, it was inevitable the Spaniard would once again find himself linked with the job.

Yet the story seems strange to say the least.

This time it was started by Kike Marin, who works for El Confidencial among others.

He sent out a tweet saying: ‘CONFIRMED: Raül Sanllehí is looking for a substitute and has returned to approach Luis Enrique. We will see…’

Interestingly, that never made it as an article on El Confidencial, and today they largely rubbish the idea of the move happening.

Arsenal have already sent out denials, and that El Confidencial, who were credited with the story by many, have published their negative take, from another journalist, goes some way to killing it completely.

They state: ‘The sensationalist press talks about Arsenal contacts with Luis Enrique to replace the Basque coach.

‘Luis Enrique is very appealing, but the circumstances of the former coach are still not conducive to returning to the benches.’

Enrique’s daughter Xana passed away in August, and that led to the manager giving up the Spain national team job. It’s been explained repeatedly that the door is open for him to return to that position, although that isn’t thought to be a likely scenario either.

El Confidencial also talked down the idea of new contact: Arsenal’s contacts with Luis Enrique come from afar. They are not new. Among other things because the sports director of the Arsenal, the Catalan Raúl Sanhellí, knows the Asturian. There is a friendship.’

One day, if and when he and his family are ready, Luis Enrique may return to football, until then it’s probably not a great idea for people to push rumours which don’t have a lot behind them.

Something El Confidencial appear to agree with.