Sold by Sheffield United last summer after a long winded saga, Iliman Ndiaye went to Marseille in hope of excelling for a team playing in Europe.

However, everything since his arrival has gone against him, and the winger has struggled to have the desired impact under two separate managers.

L’Equipe, who cover Marseille’s recent 1-0 loss to Lyon, don’t hold back in their criticism of the former Sheffield United star, who was voted one of the ‘flops’ of the game by the newspaper.

Given a 2/10, the 23-year-old was replaced in the 58th minute, giving you an idea of just how poor he was, in a game where he found it difficult to get anything right.

While Lyon were the dominating force, he was still ‘terribly sloppy’ on the right hand side of the attack, getting caught up in ‘repetitive dribbling’ that failed to achieve anything.

Once a game changer for Sheffield United, Ndiaye has been anything but for the Ligue 1 side since his arrival, scoring just one goal and assisting three goals in 24 appearances in all competitions.