On Tuesday, as Wesley Hoedt completed his transfer to Celta Vigo, initially on loan, Spanish newspaper AS put a bit of a dampener on it for fans of the Galician club. 

It was was explained that the defender hasn’t played since November, meaning he won’t have any match rhythm, and that Southampton have conceded far fewer goals without him in the team.

They did, however, point out he was very tall. It wasn’t the greatest endorsement.

La Voz de Galicia see things very differently, and are talking up Hoedt to not only be a great footballer, but also a fantastic human being.

His ‘technique and vision’ are the big selling points, with it being explained Hoedt reads the game really well, which should help Celta. La Voz explain the Dutchman is really good at playing the ball out from the back.

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After signing, Hoedt told Celta’s local media that his game will be better suited to Spanish football.

But that’s not to say he’s over confident, oh no.

La Voz point out that just before he was dropped by Southampton, the footballer showed he’s ‘self critical’ and ‘self demanding’ by saying: “I’ve played a lot of really good games since I’ve been here and I’ve also played bad games, as is normal in a season.”

Really tough on himself.

On Tuesday, he told Noordhollands Dagblad: “It’s been very strange. I played everything. Almost fifty games in a row I was in the starting line up and I played ninety minutes. Until I suddenly came to be at the side of it. I never had a clear explanation.”

Asked if he has an urge for revenge and will be looking to prove something at Celta, Hoedt responded: “No, I do not feel that way. What I said: I just want to continue with what I was doing. I did well at Lazio and at Southampton. I want to continue that here.”