If there’s one subject the French press will never get bored of talking about, it’s how nice N’Golo Kanté is.

After his World Cup heroics, the Chelsea midfielder’s status appears to have gone up another level, and everyone seems keen to share their story about the defensive midfielder, and it’s never bad.

The latest to discuss the 27-year-old was Alaeddine Yahia, who played alongside Kanté during their time at Stade Malherbe de Caen, but his anecdote wasn’t about football, but about the times footballers were finding ways to relax off the pitch, which included playing video games.

He told RMC Sport’s Le Vestiaire: “When we played Mario Kart, since we were six or seven, the last two always gave up their controllers to the others. At one point, I’m second, and therefore wouldn’t be giving up my spot. He hits me with a shell. I know it’s him, and I finish fourth.

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“I want to insult him, but I can’t, so I grab a bottle and hit a lamppost, because it’s N’Golo. I can’t insult him. If it was someone else, I would have”.

He continued: “I can see him laughing. However, this, I can’t understand: when he laughs, tears always roll down his cheeks. It’s N’Golo. That’s how he is. You can only love him, that little guy. I’ve never seen him get annoyed”.

The centre-back then recalled a time when their former manager screamed at Kanté for a lengthy period, but the defensive midfielder took it all in, and never once said anything back.

As he said, any other player might have replied, but not the Chelsea midfielder.