Inter Milan are still said to be pretty confident that Matteo Darmian will be signed in January.

For a few months the Italian media have reported that the club are counting on the player’s lack of game time at Old Trafford so they can get him on a loan. Now Sport Media Set are claiming that the possibilities of this move are pretty high.

Inter Milan reportedly have a long list of signings to do in the future, but Darmian is one of the few who are considered to be possible for the winter market. The talks between the clubs have been progressing and a decision should be taken soon.

It’s worth noting that Darmian has recently been starting Manchester United’s last matches, and maybe the scenario isn’t the same as a month ago.

José Mourinho seems to have changed his opinion about him, and the player has been used on both sides of the pitch, so let’s see what will be the manager’s choice on a mid-season loan now.

We’re losing confidence for Inter, whatever Sport Media Set say.