The Republic of Ireland on Wednesday evening managed to overshadow Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s retirement from international duty. The Swedish striker has given up international football, and given that he turns 35 years of age in October it’s understandable.

Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet have labelled Zlatan’s retirement ‘Zexit’, a play on words given that today is when the UK votes on remaining in the EU or leaving.

Now the focus turns to what Ibrahimovic does next, and which club he joins after leaving PSG. Aftonbladet are obviously very interested and whilst they don’t say it’s absolutely happening, it’s stated a move to Manchester United right now appears the ‘most credible’ plan.

Nothing can be ruled out, be it MLS or Italy… or even retiring from football altogether. Ibrahimovic has insinuated more than once that a Manchester United transfer could happen, and he clearly used the situation to gain more publicity for the launch of his own clothing collection.

Whether that’s it, or there’s more to the interest, will only be absolutely clear when Ibrahimovic’s next club is revealed. Everything points towards Manchester United, but that doesn’t make the move 100%, not yet anyway.

Aftonbladet point out that Ibrahimovic needs to consider the English media before committing to a deal. They feel he may not like how intrusive reporting can be in England, and the Swedish newspaper are concerned that perhaps Manchester United would be a tough option.