It took a while, but Roque Mesa has finally had a Premier League win since joining Swansea City last summer.

The midfielder, who has struggled to find a place in Paul Clement’s side, seems to be finally adapting to English football, and stayed on the pitch for 90 minutes in the 1-0 victory over West Brom this weekend.

The remarkable day was covered by his home town press, with La Provincia also getting to interview the Swansea City player afterwards.

“It was my best chapter in the Premiership, for all that it entails: for winning, for playing, for contributing to a necessary victory. A special day, I hope it’s the first of many,” Mesa told La Provincia.

Regarding his adaptation to the Premier League, Mesa said: “Everything was a change since my arrival, it’s a totally different football, it’s a process of adaptation, but one that you have to trust in. I’ve never had it easy, I always started not playing, I gained the confidence of the manager, and in this case of the team, I knew it was a matter of time, of having patience, of continuing to work and in the end, the fruits come.”

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About the things he loves in the Premier League, the midfielder had to put the fans in first place: “The best thing is the atmosphere, everything that surrounds the competition. The stadiums impact you, wherever you go, there is always a good atmosphere. I choose the fans and how football is lived in this land. I could have enjoyed it much earlier, but everything is a process. Regarding the negative aspects, the cold.”

Previously involved in some market speculation, Mesa was asked about the chances of leaving Swansea in the winter window on a loan deal: “There was no soap opera, when you don’t play it’s always rumored that you can go out, this is football.”

“I fully trusted to turn the situation, I want to try it here. I’m not going to give up. But everything changes one day. You never know, in my head now it’s just being here. My present is Swansea, the future, I do not know. If I count with minutes, of course I want to stay, but I like to live the now… ”

La Provincia even asked if the player enjoys the ‘third half’ celebrating wins with his Swansea teammates in pubs, but Mesa is not that kind of guy: “Because of my way of seeing things and my culture, I do not do that, I finish training, or finish the game and I come home with my family, to enjoy them and to continue with my lifestyle.”