What do Gambia and Wales have in common? They both have a club named Swansea City.

Yep, according to Press Afrik, Fataro Fula Kundaowe, an amateur Gambian club has decided to change its name to that of the Premier League club currently being managed by Bob Bradley.

The reason behind this? One of their players happened to stumble across one of the Swans’ game on TV, and decided it would be a good thing to change his team’s name to it.

Funnily enough, after the name change, the team went on a great streak, winning the Nawetan Cup and the Knockout Cup in the process.

Not only that, but the actual Premier League club heard about the story and decided to help them out by sending them 24 full kits for the players, as well as staff outfits, after finding out the Gambian side were struggling with equipment problems.

In contrast to their Gambian counterparts, Bob Bradley’s men have struggled all season, failing to win a game since a 3-1 EFL Cup second round win against Peterborough, losing eight of their last 11 games, drawing the remaining three.