Marca’s claims about Jonathan Viera and a Premier League move have made it to their newspaper, which shows they have at least a little confidence in the story.

On Monday, the Spanish newspaper said that whilst Swansea City had already seen a €25m offer rejected, Everton would be willing to pay Viera’s full €30m buyout clause.

Newcastle United were also mentioned, but not seriously, and it was stated Everton and Swansea would both offer the attacking midfielder a salary he can’t turn down.

Canarias7, who cover Las Palmas closely, expect Swansea City to return and meet the €30m clause, although they don’t mention Everton at all.

Given Swansea paid the buyout clause for Roque Mesa, and are Premier League level of wealth, Canarias7 reckon the same is on the cards with 27 year old Viera.

However, Viera’s buyout clause is more than twice that of Mesa, so it’s not going to be quite so simple.

Everton have been dragged into so many transfer chases over the past few weeks that it’s impossible to tell which are real and which are a result of the club’s new spending prowess.

Bringing Everton into a story now adds more drama, because them waltzing in and putting a big offer forward wouldn’t be a surprise. It may also be a tool for clubs and agents looking to hype up the pressure of a situation.

Viera ‘seeks a salary increase’ to stay at Las Palmas, report Marca, despite only signing a renewal in November.