It’s fair to say the Portuguese press aren’t exactly worried on behalf of Porto now that Swansea City are set to return for Vincent Aboubakar.

The feeling is that if Swansea couldn’t sort a deal out in the summer then they certainly can’t now. Back then Swansea weren’t in such a dire fight against relegation, Porto weren’t top of the table, and Aboubakar was nowhere near the same status or as valuable to the Portuguese club as he is now.

Oh, and he also hadn’t extended his contract, which he did in October, with a €50m buyout close. Nine league goals, five in the Champions League, and four assists shared over the two competitions, Aboubakar is having a season few expected, and is very much bedded in at Porto these days.

Swansea City interest is being covered, but not with much hope for the Welsh club. Porto would have to be persuaded, and even if they did sell for below the €50m clause it wouldn’t be a huge percentage discount, and then Swansea would have to convince the player.

Fighting for the Portuguese league title and being in the next round of the Champions League is preferable to a relegation fight even in the Premier League, and then there’s the danger of other clubs being interested anyway.

Record report Aboubakar’s Champions League form is ‘fuelling the appetite for financially powerful clubs across Europe’, and they haven’t said that in reference to Swansea City.

Porto are confident feeling the €50m clause protects them against any transfer ‘harassment’ and then perhaps they can sell in the summer, with the striker himself getting a better move.

Stranger things have happened in football, players have pushed for nonsensical transfers previously, but there’s no Portuguese panic right now.